Dumpster Rental in Manassas Virginia

Dumpster rental in Manassas, VA can be easy with the right company. Speedy Dumpster is your best option for the lowest prices and best service. Speedy Dumpster offers container sizes from 10 yards to 40 yards in Manassas VA, for jobs of all sizes.

Dumpster Safety

When renting a dumpster in Manassas VA, safety should always be a top concern. Make sure you find a location for your dumpster that is free of obstructions such as street signs, electric wires or tree limbs. Obstructions can not only be dangerous, but they can make it impossible to use the dumpster.

Placing plywood boards on the ground where the dumpster will be placed can save a lot of trouble. Dumpsters can be very heavy and can scratch or gouge streets and cause permanent damage to your lawn. A few well placed boards can save you the hassle of a giant bill or even fines later.

Manassas VA Dumpster Laws

It is important to check with your local homeowner's association to see if they have specific rules about dumpster placement on your street. The City of Manassas may also have laws that regulate where and when you can place a dumpster, so it's important to check with the local license and permit office to get any permits you may need. Some streets may have regulations against on-street placement, weight restrictions or limited times when a dumpster may be placed.

Always be safe and legal with your dumpster. Call or contact Speedy Dumpster today.

Our Mission

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