Dumpster Rental in Merrifield Virginia

When renting a dumpster in Merrifield, VA, it is important to consider regulations, your needs, the size of the job, and Speedy Dumpster. Speedy Dumpster provides the best service and lowest prices for Merrifield, VA residents, offering containers sized from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.

Placing A Dumpster On-Street Or Off-Street

Some homeowner associations may have rules regarding on-street placement for dumpsters. They may also have time limits or restrictions when a dumpster is allowed to be placed. You should check with your local association first, then check with the Merrifield and Fairfax County permitting offices to get any permits or permissions you may need.

Once you know the law and are in compliance, you will need to decide where to place your Speedy Dumpster rental. Dumpsters can be very heavy, so when it is possible street placement is preferred. A dumpster can damage a yard. Always place plywood under the dumpster to minimize damage.

Neighborhood Courtesy

Before placing a dumpster, especially with on-street placement, it is often a good idea to let your nearby neighbors know. They will appreciate being informed before the dumpster appears. Make sure you get all the debris into the dumpster and clean up around it regularly. Look for rogue nails or other items that could damage tires or be dangerous. Try to keep the noise to a minimum while filling your dumpster.

With a little neighborly courtesy and a few legal checks, dumpster rental is fast and easy. Call Speedy Dumpster today.

Our Mission

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